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About about-justice

At 74, I continue to be a no-nonsense naive youth at heart. I love life, and fight hard for the truth, believing that honesty must be maintained at all costs! In my opinion, there's too much posing and pretense in the world. Life is short and tough enough, we need avoid additional negative nasties that waylay and drain us. The 'about-justice' blog sets out to exemplify experiences some of us are having, or have had, with the hope others can learn from them and/or help better deal with similar circumstances in the future. Thank you 'Word Press' for giving us the tools to render our fender benders.

1) WHERE THERE’S A WILL … there’s a way!

Or so they say. After an aggravating, time-consuming phase of Blog Posts text retention (before total Blog deletion), followed by the phase of recreating a new blog with forum help, a variety of awkward username and password and API key … Continue reading

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