1) WHERE THERE’S A WILL … there’s a way!

Or so they say. After an aggravating, time-consuming phase of Blog Posts text retention (before total Blog deletion), followed by the phase of recreating a new blog with forum help, a variety of awkward username and password and API key mix ups, feeling I was going around in circles, I was ready to throw in the towel.

And at the very cusp of calling it quits, I ‘suddenly’ managed to thread myself through the eye of the needle, finding myself back in to the light! Sometimes the most obvious, simple resolve, stares you right in the face. I called the site, not ‘about-justice,’ but appropriately: https://thelonelyroadtojustice.wordpress.com   A little long, yes, but, as I have discovered if any justice is to be had, it will take a looooong time 🙂

Part of me continues to be awed by the comings and goings of this amazing Internet highway.  Ever since my former Blog became a No.1 Google positioned entity (name deleted for legal-business reasons) I wondered how it had all come about?

‘The Lonely Road to Justice’ together with the Twenty Ten theme of the tree lined country road, with the single soul in the background, who neither seems to be coming or going. I wanted to retain that feeling in my ‘come-back’ blog.

So here we’re back. Whoosh! This time with the intention to bring others on board, as Authors of their own misfortunes. I seek The Lonely Road to Justice wordpress blog to become NOT a mere platform for subjective complaint, but, instead, an informative arena, where within its combined effort we can help promote the all elusive concept of ‘Justice.’ Let’s at least try to retain a modicum of values we equate with life lived in a ‘democracy.’

As the site unfolds, we can bring in ‘guest speakers’ who may well be willing to freely contribute their knowledge; we might even create a fund which at times would allow us to hire a specialist. The concept of ‘united we stand’ can help ease our burden by hopefully making us feel less ‘alone,‘ more appreciated, and more prepared to NOT quit; to continue what we agree on to be ‘JUST!’ 


About about-justice

At 79, I continue to be a no-nonsense naive youth at heart. I love life, and fight hard for the truth, believing that honesty must be maintained at all costs! In my opinion, there's too much posing and pretense in the world. Life is short and tough enough, we need avoid additional negative nasties that waylay and drain us. The 'about-justice' blog sets out to exemplify experiences some of us are having, or have had, with the hope others can learn from them and/or help better deal with similar circumstances in the future. Thank you 'Word Press' for giving us the tools to render our fender benders.
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